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Maxine Gesualdi

Maxine Gesualdi, Maxine Cavallo

510 Main

Office hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10-10:50; 1-1:50; also by appointment

Maxine Gesualdi is an assistant professor in the Department of Communication Studies. She teaches Communication Theory (COM219), Intro to Public Relations (COM355), Public Speaking (SPK208), Organizational Communication (COM304), and Business and Professional Speech Communication (SPK230).

Bringing over 15 years of professional corporate communications expertise to the classroom, Professor Gesualdi strives to connect theory with students' everyday experiences.

Professor Gesualdi is completing her doctoral studies in the Media and Communication program at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She earned her MA in Communication Studies from West Chester University and a BS in Journalism from West Virginia University. Her primary research interest focuses on the effects of shared resources on organizational role enactment. Her dissertation examines organizational role enactment as illustrated by the relationship between corporate communications and marketing professionals.

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