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Welcome to our Graduate Program!

As the Graduate Coordinator of the program, I am excited that you are considering pursuing a Master's degree in Communication Studies. Whether your background is in communication, journalism, psychology, sociology, political science, or another field, you will find that a Master of Arts degree in Communication Studies makes you more marketable in a variety of fields. We are committed to invest in students who are passionate about communication issues, and our goal is to help them explore their intellectual interests.

In a competitive job market, many of you may have begun to realize just how essential effective communication is to leadership and to building strong, successful working/interpersonal relationships with others. The scope of the discipline of Communication Studies is large, and many of you may be particularly interested in the ways communication shapes people’s lives – whether considering media/social media or face-to-face communication.

Our Program

Our graduate program is designed to provide a theory-based approach to a variety of communicative phenomena. We also stress the value of research. Together, they provide people the proper foundation for making solid persuasive arguments in their professional and academic pursuits. By acquiring theoretical knowledge and research skills, students and graduates can best apply their education in their chosen fields.

What Will I Get Out of the Program

At the end of this program students should be able to:
• Address communication questions from a variety of theoretical perspectives.
• Conduct research in communication.
• Write effectively for multiple audiences.
• Speak effectively for multiple audiences.
• Analyze communication messages.
• Select appropriate channels for communicating messages.
• Demonstrate strong critical thinking skills.
• Understand the role of competent communication across a variety of contexts.
• Develop conflict management strategies.
• Evaluate ethical considerations of communication questions.

Our Faculty

Our faculty embraces a wide variety of scholarly interests and is committed to teaching toward various communication opportunities. We are proud of our ability to mentor our students in their areas of interest, while also offering opportunities to work collaboratively on successful research projects. We strive for professional partnerships – both among the students and between the students and faculty. We work together to produce scholarly research and fill important voids in the communication field.
Our classes are designed to spotlight students’ unique interests. We provide classes that draw deep discussion and merge areas of interest. Smaller class sizes provide a forum for students to communicate their ideas and create important, significant connections. Classes are geared toward building knowledge, opening minds to the complexities of human experience, and giving our students a scholarly arena where they can reach – or exceed – their expected potential.

Our Graduates

Our graduate program has a solid history of preparing graduates to succeed in a variety of fields. We also produce highly trained communication scholars who go on to earn doctorate degrees at prestigious universities and remain active in academia or higher education after graduation. Our alumni also work in areas such as marketing, public planning, fundraising, event planning, non-profit organizations, sales, or campaign teams where research skills and communication knowledge are a plus. They also serve as informal mentors by remaining active in our program through our program’s alumni group, CAN (Communication Alumni Network), by returning for special events, and by providing career strategy advice to current students.

Our Commitment

This is a place where you will find supportive peers, friendly staff, and experienced faculty working with you to get you to where you want. We can give you the foundation that puts you on top; it is a demanding program that can fulfill your intellectual curiosity. I encourage you to continue browsing through our website for detailed curriculum descriptions, application requirements, assistantship and financial support opportunities, faculty and graduate students' profiles.

Please continue to navigate our webpage and feel free to contact me for questions (

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