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Undergraduate Major in Communication Studies

The Department of Communication Studies offers a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Communication Studies. All majors must satisfy the general education requirements, as specified in the West Chester University Undergraduate Catalog.

Those who major in communication studies often complete a minor in fields such as journalism, political science, psychology, English, peace and conflict studies, theater, studio art, or women's studies. The 18-credit Minor in Communications Studies may be taken as one of the minors in various B.A. or B.S. programs.

Important Program Limitation Notice: Current West Chester University students interested in becoming Communication Studies majors or minors should note that admission to the major or minor is competitive due to program enrollment limitations. Applicants who have completed the three-course prerequisite core (COM 219, 224, and SPK 208) will be ranked by grade point average in the core. Selection for admission will be based on these rankings at the conclusion of each semester, after grades are posted. Students who do not gain admission may reapply, but they must compete with the group of applicants in that semester.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies
This program develops your competence in communication, which can be applied to a specialty area of your choice. The Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies prepares you to assume the responsibilities of positions ranging from sales and promotion to public relations and training. Many graduates also pursue advanced degrees and professional training in law, business management, communications, and the media.

Required lower-division courses (18 semester hours): COM 204, 212, 216, 219, 224; SPK 208. Three of the required lower-division courses (COM 219, 224, and SPK 208) are prerequisites for all communication studies courses except for COM 310 and COM 315. In addition, COM 216 is a prerequisite for COM 304. Also, SPK 208 must be taken to satisfy the general education communication requirement.

Upper-division courses (18 semester hours): Students will work with their advisers to select six appropriate courses at the 300 and/or 400 level from the listing of department course offerings. In order to facilitate student/adviser selection of upper-division courses, a listing of those courses that the department plans to offer will be posted and distributed to advisers. This listing will project two years into the future and will be updated at the beginning of each academic year. COM 300 and COM 400 may not be used to satisfy the upper-division course requirements.

Applied area (24-27 semester hours): Students will work with their advisers to select additional courses that meet career objectives. These may include additional courses offered by the Department of Communication Studies or by other departments.

Foreign language/culture requirement (0-15 semester hours): Students must fulfill the foreign language/culture requiremensts of the Bachelor of Arts degree as specified in the West Chester University Undergraduate Catalog.

Additional Notes:

  • Limited substitutions may be made to the required lower-division courses with the adviser's written consent.
  • A grade of C or better must be earned in a COM course in order for it to meet a department requirement. Also, a 2.5 average or better must be earned in the aggregate of lower- and upper-division courses before graduation will be recommended.
  • To encourage B.A. in Communication Studies majors to develop communication competence that extends beyond oral English, a grade of C or better is required in WRT 120 and 121, and a grade of C- or better is required in the 202-level course of a foreign language. If a major employs the culture cluster option to fulfill his/her language requirement, a C- or better is required in the 102 level of the foreign language course and in each of the culture cluster courses.
  • Students who exhaust their course repeat options and have not earned a grade of C or better in all the prerequisite communication courses will be advised that they will not be able to complete the requirements for a B.A. in Communication Studies. The department chair will offer an exit interview and help them to identify available alternatives.

For more information regarding our undergraduate program, please contact our department chair, Dr. Timothy Brown.