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Graduate Networking

CAN - the Communication Alumni Network

The Communication Alumni Network (CAN) was created to give Communication Studies M.A. graduates an opportunity to keep in touch and serve the West Chester University community. The goal of the organization is to provide outside support to existing students enrolled in the Communication Studies programs and cultivate the department’s resources.


Becoming a member is easy! Read more about us at: or email to join – it’s free.
Any person having graduated from West Chester University’s Communication Studies graduate program is eligible for membership in the Chapter. All non-graduates may become members of the Chapter upon request. Non-graduates include: faculty members who have taught in the graduate program, retired faculty members who have taught in the graduate program, parents of graduates, and spouses/partners of graduates. Temporary, provisional membership in this organization shall be granted to any student currently enrolled in classes in the Communication Studies graduate program. Official, permanent membership shall be granted to any student upon graduation clearance from the program.

• Ability to positively impact existing students through informal mentoring and networking
• Opportunities for large networking events to advance your career or the careers of others
• Opportunities for networking events exclusively for COM Studies M.A. alum and current M.A. students
• Access to the Communication Studies alumni database
• Reach within the West Chester University Alumni community
• An excuse to catch up, and socialize with former classmates, current students, and faculty members!